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Photo of StellarSky fiber optic star ceiling panels in a home theater watching Baby Driver
StellarSky Systems offers the only acoustic fiber optic star panel on the market to be truly integrated with advanced automation control systems to create a full smart home experience.
StellarSky Fiber Optic Star Panel

StellarSky star panels are functional acoustical panels with decorative fiber optic stars that simulate the night sky in any space. Their leading edge technology makes controlling your experience easy with a compatible app and integration with home automation systems. Don’t miss the enhancements like the shooting star, Aurora, Horizon perimeter LED, and constellations to incorporate an one-of-a-kind night sky into your design.

Fiber optic acoustical star panels are ideal for commercial & residential installations. Popular applications include commercial and residential theaters, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, spas & salons, boardrooms, hospices & cancer centers, sensory rooms, media/game rooms, children’s rooms, bath areas, pool houses and outdoor covered living spaces.

Inventoried star panels ship within 3-5 days! Standard sizes available: 2X2, 2X4, 4X4, 4X8.

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Mounting options

StellarSky Systems magnetic mounting systems provides an easy solution to the adjustments needed with acoustical star panels.

Rotofast mounting systems is one of the most common mounting systems used to install acoustical star panels.

Rotofast Installation

Star Panel Enhancements

Enhancements may require a longer lead time.

Shooting Star

Experience the magic of seeing a shooting star each day by adding this memorable feature to one or more of your panels. Use standalone modes to set the shooting star to fire every minute, every 5 minutes, or every 10 minutes. For more control, use Stellar Sky System’s Control Interface to adjust the brightness, speed and time intervals.



Any constellation you can find in the night sky can be added to your panels. For control over the constellation, use Stellar Sky System’s Control Interface to adjust the brightness range from 1% to 100%. Make your constellation sparkle by adjusting the speed and brightness! If more than one constellation is requested the control interface will allow you to control the constellations separately.

Photo of the big dipper made from fiber optics on an acoustical star panel

Big Dipper

Photo of Orion made from fiber optic on an acoustical star panel



Add an ambient glow to your fiber optic star panel’s perimeter with the latest RGBW LED strip lighting.

Home theater with StellarSky systems fiber optic star panels