Photo of Cool white LED under cabinet light bars

Low Voltage Light Bars

Have you ever noticed how bright a kitchen looks until you try to cook in it? Or, how about seeing a large pantry closet that looks great until you fill it up and can’t see anything? As a company that is part of the lighting industry we cringe at the sometimes poor layout of lighting especially when it’s in the heart of the home.


Last year we introduced our low voltage cabinet light bars and pantry kits. These products quickly jumped to one of our top sellers and the feedback we have received from our dealers has been awesome! Take a look at a couple of finished projects courtesy of our dealers.


Photo of Cool white LED under cabinet light bars Photo of Stellar Distributors cool white LED light bars








Our cabinet light bars can be installed as upper cabinet lights, under cabinet lights, or as toe kick lighting. One of our dealers has installed a  few toe kick lights in bathrooms to provide the perfect nightlight for those midnight potty breaks.

Our cabinet light bars can be built with cool white LED, warm white LED, RGBW LED, or adjustable white LED. We are slightly more partial to the adjustable white LED simply due to the option of working under cool white light and winding down to warm white accent lighting. Studies have shown the lighting in our homes and workplaces greatly impact our moods and overall well being. Have you heard the buzz about circadian rhythm and biophilia? While these are new buzz words in the media, this idea has been around for years. As more and more research and studies are being completed it is clear that our daily environments impact us greatly.

With all the advancements in technology happening today it has become easier to create smart lighting devices and our light bars are no different. Connect our light bars to one of the wifi switches we carry and pair with Alexa for instant voice control. Add one of our controllers and access the option to choose the prefered brightness and color temperature of the light bars throughout the day.

Photo of Stellar Distributors adjustable white LED light bars Photo of Stellar Distributors adjustable white LED cabinet light bars








Our pantry kit consists of 2 6FT cool white LED light bars, our proprietary ramping module, a door sensor, and power supply. The ramping module is definitely what sets us apart from other similar lighting products. The module creates a smooth  on/off as the pantry door is opened and closed. Other LED color temperatures are of course available upon request.

Photo of Stellar Distributors Pantry Light kit installed by Dream Controls & DesignPhoto of Stellar Distributors Cabinet Light Bars installed by Dream Controls and Design









To order our light bars simply provide us with the cabinet layout, measurements, and prefered color temperature and we will take care of the rest!