Stellar Retreat

February 1, 2019. That was the day we signed our 5 year lease. We took a leap of faith and […]

Photo of Cool white LED under cabinet light bars

Low Voltage Light Bars

Have you ever noticed how bright a kitchen looks until you try to cook in it? Or, how about seeing […]

Image of a glimmering night sky

The Benefits of Stargazing

Humans have always been in awe over the night sky. It’s the reason so many of us gather to watch […]

5 Myths of Home Automation

    Neocontrol covers five myths of home automation and provides tips on how to navigate the conversation with resistant […]

Recommended Scene

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Making Technology Work For You

Having smart devices installed is much different than having an integrated smart home. Smart devices require an app for each […]

Zigbee VS Z-Wave

These two mesh networks were put to the test under 7 different categories. Reliability Interoperability Range of Signal Power Usage […]