Image of a glimmering night sky

The Benefits of Stargazing

Image of a glimmering night sky

Humans have always been in awe over the night sky. It’s the reason so many of us gather to watch astonishing events like meteor showers and the reason why astronomy is the oldest science.

When star gazing, the mind begins to wonder and contemplate bigger ideas than life as we know it. It fosters inspiration, imagination, and a connection with nature. It makes us feel like time slows down and provides a unique sense of stillness.


Many proven benefits of stargazing include

Provides a calming energy from the way time stands still

Provides a feeling of awe and peace

Provides a much-needed break from our busy lifestyles

Creates a feeling of solitude

Provides a different perspective to our day to day life


According to the EPA, Americans spend 93% of their lifetime indoors. So why not indulge in the simple yet incredible pleasure of looking at the stars? Star ceiling panels are proven to have to same psychological effect as the real night sky and are on the list of attainable ways to bring the outdoors inside any space imaginable.